They want you to have it all figured out.

Even the wind does not

That is why it sometimes sways.

Depict me being pushed back and forth.

The mind is the greatest weapon.

It can be used against oneself.

It is like building an army just to have them turn on you.

She helps my foundation stay strong.

But as a human I am constantly tempted.

You seem to have it all found out.

Tell me how you do it.

How do you build a kingdom out of a shack?

A wife out of a woman?

How do you get someone to love you?

You never really know what is on a person’s mind.

Do you really need that security?

The mind takes that insecurity and tortures you.

A leaf in the wind.

A house in a tornado.

Water in a hurricane.

Do I need to say more?

Security is stability.

Security is truly never stable.

Only security in God.

We even doubt that sometimes.

We sway.

From time to time.



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