Note to Self

 As I sit and watch you cry

 And spill your pain in my lap.

I hope you know I’m taking note

Reflecting on my own past actions.

Taking note on what not to do.

Figuring out the human brain

How we work

Our main flaws.

The problems of the younger generation.



The notes always relate to love.

It’s like we can’t escape it.

Love makes us cry the most.

It makes us think someone is better than they actually are.

Such a great feeling.

Burn and crash.

Here come the tears.

Note to self never break a heart.

Oops I just broke one 3 weeks ago.

As you tell me your story

 I realize I did all the same stuff

As this terrible person you tell me about.

I could have been the one to make you cry.

I’m no better than that person.

I just realize it.

It’s like a conscious evil.

Nobody is perfect

But we could do so much better.

Maybe hearing this story about myself 3 weeks later

Will stop me from doing it in the future.

Just let me take note

As I watch your endless tears drop.

Temper tantrums

Kicking of legs,

Gritting of teeth,

And smacking of face.

3 weeks ago that was her.

But that’s when I didn’t take note.

Here I am now watching


Feeling sympathy

Not knowing what to say

And thinking

Note to self. 

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