At a point where I thought no emotions were present.

More like they just needed a light switch.

And that picture of you and him turned on the power.

A hell of a generator.

20 million volts just like that.

My body was paralyzed from it.

An early morning wake up.

Right before I had to go to the factory.

I almost called in sick

Because my stomach felt unsettled.

I guess I’m that easy to get over.

I didn’t deserve it but really nobody does.

I just needed an explanation.

That’s it.

Who really created this electrical current?

It could not have been Ben Franklin.

Maybe it was me?

I’ll never know.

The worst thing in life is not knowing where it went wrong and when.


Nothing will ever be the same.

The same thing happening to you that you’ve done to someone else.

I don’t believe in karma.

Karma left me on my back wondering.

I wish I could wipe my mind clean of the memory.

You would think that the electricity would do it for me.

My heart is beating slower.

My skin is tingling.

My temperature is rising.

Isn’t that enough evidence.

I thought I didn’t care.

You were swept up by the storm

And I was left to stay as I watched it pass.


I call myself superman

But I’m more like robin.

I just need closure.

No I lied I need more.

I’m a bad liar but I’d rather you don’t know.

Let’s just close this case and never open it again.

No more investigations.

Only jail time.



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