Broken Wings

Walking through this darkened pain,

no light to shine the way,

fear and lust surround me, cold,

broken alone, fallen, I stay.

Fogged with sorrows; dreadful cries,

one shadow to shade disgrace,

delicate porcelain to hide the past,

yet weakened by this place

My wings taken away, broken still,

left only with a helping guide,

hidden in darkness, yearned for light,

alone to fight my struggles I die.

The burning of rope, bleeding cuts,

kisses of acid, razorblade sheets,

lay her tonight, in your river of blood.

as your love floats silently away.

The scars from my wings, still bleed,

as my shivers continue to grow.

One final breath, the novel is done,

and in the end I am my own true foe.

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new_wave_franky's picture

Very descriptive and original references here. The overall wording to this piece is absolutely superb, lending the reader excellent imagery and thoughts to ponder. Thanks for posting another cool poem, as I really enjoyed reading this!!

August 15, 2009.