Looking into this mirror,

As the makeup runs down my face,

Somewhere lays a hidden cure,

Through this silent, forbidden place.

This unforgiving promise,

Inside one never-ending curse,

Moving from what I most miss,

Every turn a target disperse.

In the dark, long alleyway,

The feeling slowly dying last,

Without a light, night or day,

And an evil hiding the past.

Secluded to the darkness,

Emerging from this lowly soul,

Apart behind the fogged glass,

Split down beside my heart's dark coal.

Involved an on-going fight,

This battle, which I cannot win,

Only to find a lost trite,

Lone to see this ending spin.

Eradicated love-lust,

The once unchanging woman's heart.

Gone to ruin, though it must,

Only to rid this pain its part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an acrosstic. The first letter of each line spell out a sentence. Amuse me and try to figure it out...

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