Valley of Tears

A young girl in this valley,

This valley filled with tears,

Had below she carry,

Old past all her fears.

Regretting all these voices,

Remembering all these lies,

Immortal to those choices,

Forever bending ties.

Important, once believed true,

Changing between each day,

Pressure from those old and new,

Lasting aged, ‘tween the way.

A hall adorned with pictures,

Cut hair along the ground,

Emerging from the mixtures,

Silent and lifeless sound.

Lowly children once crying,

Inside these iron gates,

Kindred split apart prying,

Ending all with their fates.

The young girl in this valley,

Her valley filled with fears,

Inside this broken alley,

She finds herself and tears.

Sounding silence far away,

Heard these gunshots, now done,

Eradicated from graves may,

Left to rot but just one.

Entitled once a moment,

Afraid to face a change,

Vulnerable to this dent,

Events to know as strange.

She carries this burden quiet,

Handling it with care,

Eventual distant riot,

Remembering this swear.

She wipes her tears from falling,

Outside her weakness shows,

Unchanging hurt still calling,

Lonely painful, now grows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again an acrosstic. Maybe a bit better than the other...

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