Were all so i oriented

Perfecting the symbols to dot the i’s.

And pretty soon i becomes detached limbs,

The image in the mirror that doesn’t understand

The little dot of mass proportions

The letter of imaginary numbers.

i couldn’t bare to tell you

What happens when the

Mirror stares back and the

Shower scalds skin already asleep.

Whirlwind the wisdom softly

Through each pillowcase

Like the thread that holds it together

Loathing and envying

Are ripping the skin off

My rational, complex, and imaginary friends.

Hanging horizontally from the flag-post

Hate tugging every decent part away—

the pea coat eccentricities

Something’s are bound

To then be ripped

To then be stripped

To i

The Oceanographer

Knows the finds in my mind

Why can't he sea me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 2007

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Afzal Shauq's picture

so sweet and meaningful poem is this one.. i went through few of your poems more and believe me every one was interesting... means you are a good poetess... love your poetic flow in your poetry.. hope my poems will also touch your heart if go through...