03-27 All Systems Operational


Tinkering with screws that seem to loosen from my grip

and slip in crevices of metal frames where fingers cannot fit,

I’m learning to outsmart myself and organize my thoughts,

like wires neatly spiraling around my brain uncrossed.

I know that where my synapses all gather ‘round to meet

would overheat, if not for cooling systems fitting inbetween.

The whir of cooling fans keeps me content. I’ll have no need to vent

as long as power flows uninterrupted and nothing dents

the blades that spin and spin and spin relentlessly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...putting my desktop pc back together after one of its many deaths. It's not really a complete thought, but oh well.

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Lexie Peters's picture

More accurate title:

"All Systems Operational... For Now"