01-06 Vicious


I am frustration incarnate,

hurling bricks into windows

newly replaced at autumn’s end,

seeking out matters of fortune

to enforce my brand of fate,

joy shudders and recoils.

The newlyweds’ happiness is in peril.

I will destroy their optimism

for daring to live fully.

I am the universal law

breaking shiny new toys

at the slip of a finger,

building a tower of folly

engineered from mistakes

which quickly compound.

My wrath is potable,

my reach unfettered,

my reason without rhyme.

I will not let go,

nor give you an option to escape.

You have agreed to my rules,

and so I have taken advantage.

You’ve been poisoned,

I will bleed you dry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was angry.

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Lexie Peters's picture

gracious... this scared me.

though I still like it.