Are we fools?

Social Interaction

Are these people resourceful?

Question processed edibles

Added preservatives who say

Ha! Increase diabetics

Fake price hike in food

Do merchants presume?

Consumers are fools.

Dealers plan commerce

Or conspirators’ plot reverse?

Siphon commoners.

Crook on mind!

There is enough for need

But how do cater to greed?

Drain cash and kind

Bleed away the terrain

Stash in far cool cans.

Hawkers’ woes

Poor vendors lose

Given the noose

Our rues or benefits

Multiplex, Malls, Bazaars

Could they wipe out blues?

No, as footpaths dress clog

How is it neat arrangements?

Do require ill-gotten bucks?

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I so totally agree with what you say here. I see it more and more everyday myself. Milk here $4.45 Gal, Gas 3.21, etc..

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

How so true, under rhyme. :o(