Social Interaction

Not a curse thus spoken but

You will perish in agony

The very same agony

You trigger on others.

Remember those days

Ways you inflicted anguish

On the newly arrived bride

From your hometown

As if a nice friend

To her husband

You pretended advice.

Fake overt!

One up manifestations

Bragging your hold of a man

No way though he related, to you

Blood bond or in-law fastens.


She took all in her strides

Qualified good-humoured but

Your non-stop hurls to malign

Never took a halt.

Blow malice, cause unidentified

Certainly, a probe will reveal

Types your breed

Bring merely disasters on lives.

Why do you interfere? Your

Two spouses done, from earth gone

However, are you not one?

Vicious widow hell bent, to do ill.

Try to flaunt jaunt innocence

Wear white costumes

Sunglass white rim, make-ups

Camouflage eyes.

Sorry efforts to drown your impurity

You cannot, Madam Dame.

With chaste white extends, Exasperated

With your antiques Madam, the decent Mrs Sen

Left her husband Mr Sen, never to return

From her native town, take blame

Can’t you that she has applied for a divorce to

Escape Hell’s, sorry Heaven’s Angel.

More if you want to know Madam, comparing

You have lost your job to recent recession but that Mrs Sen

Young qualified educator teaches in school. Not short of work she is back

To her earlier profession Happier on earth with her Mom, away from sorts you.

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