Nitpick Walker from City of Joy

Be Not Careless

Hawkers hawk, vendors vend.

At nooks, recess, pavement bends

Callous cumbersome.

Of Civil rights dispossessed.

City of joy pedestrians must coy.

To edge reduced.

Dirty ugly gangrene mounds

Off footpath dwellings garbage piles

Obstructive nodes swell.

Alongside asphalt parked

Clamour, cabs, cars, auto… clog.

Telltale reek, nuisance lined.

Person on foot, wretched

Elbow jostle, shove, bumps stomp.

Outright fraught, plod frustrated.

Rule denial cacophony rains.

Pushed strider, on highway descends.

Only to be hooted from behind.

The jolted seeks zebra stripes

Esteem, sheltered dons on white lines.

No crossover the desperate, finds.

Is to exist squash ways?

Block runaway and strangle life.

Is to soar, perpetuate choke?

Why greet indiscipline?

Accuse heap, to flooding by people.

Blame ruins, to slipshod excuses.

When roads are meant ply vehicles

Why cannot footpaths, return to Walker legal?

Hey, administrators halt intrusion, stop stifle to death!

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Appears bustling. Very bustling... your words always seek to amaze me! Take care!