Be Not Careless

Besides your promise of

Cost of car Rs one lakh is impossible.

Something is really wrong with you man.

That you make the following statement:

(Competitors fuelling fire in Singur: Ratan Tata)

The above comment is pathetically uncouth!

Why barter arable land?

Is Tata logic, altruism?

Why forget wretched

Ruhr of Bengal

Those buy back promises

Which lie utterly in shamble?

Ramshackle that toll

Durgapore and Asansol

Oust farmers with pittance.

Won’t they drink away in instance?

Those that ploughed the fields

Forced to run machines

Give the robbed a job - is a promise?

Or hunters headhunt for slaves?

Farmers who were field owners must

Yield property and labour.

Of trade commerce that kills.

This is no petty politics but

Look alike Commercial tricks

Of ploys East India Company days

Mastermind today wears disguise

New oppressors exploit the son of soils.

Blood, sweat, tears of poor farmers

Force Indigo cash crop profitable rates.

Devoid stain from human blood

No chest of indigo reached England

Now Bengal Achilles' heel wants forge ahead

Amass, hoard, and dupe the toad who bids?

Auxiliary industry another practical joke,

Don’t smears contaminate making soil infertile?

Choose controversy and pretend iron purpose.

As if West Bengal, has no alternative land viable.

Construct Bridge over canal for Kolkata Taj Bengal

Tata could clear murky stinky water channel.

Why not the cash flushed powerful leave fertile Singur

Why not start new road connect at any alternate.

Find no justification for Giant investors in the State.

Lame excuses of transportation advantages.

Stubborn express bloated ego that rupture with pinprick.

Sure, the affluent nurse self praise realise plans.

However, lashed sleepless through whips of conscience

Appear worthless, large dark circles puffed lie under their eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After realising plans for cheap cars what if inflation force to sell the factory to phoren investors that there are so many mouths to feed -- net result --  a repeat entry of pallid crust -- via duct the new name of old Sutanuti...Fallow is far better that allow a handful of rice every other day than bleeding with pollution in air...

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