Social Interaction

Tortures of permissive society

Wake up to uncertainty.

Insecurity knock bottom of soul.

In hearts of young and old

Relationship doldrums bore a hole.

State criteria follow responsible facts.

Fabric freedom hammers tax.

Sly nooses of inattention laxity, binds.

No graceful thought, memo sums.

Officers save skin as per rule paragraphs.

Yet life sizes innumerable accounts

On surface problem solves.

Protected wolves cry from woods.

Forced attentions divert mass.

Furtive ignore calculative mistakes.

Wring, cringe, never outspoken.

Earn, burn, dissipate, twist

Between very own, choose basics

Mass in turn a battle of wits.

Take last resort, stab behind backs.

Wear weapons, of pseudo altruism.

A foundation for fast buck draws idea

Aggressive commotions wear banners via...

Grapevine, rumour, entertainment, mass media

Daily chants, news, views, use corrupt connections.

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