Let Santa No Silicon Boobs

Be Not Careless

Have no taste for impositions.

Neither any taste for brain washings.

Nor taste to see big boobs on Santa Clause

Tempting and seducing.

Let Santa Clause remain in all dream

The kind old man in red robes

Riding on a sledge come shouting

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Through the stills of night

Fill heart, children’s with goods.

Vehemently against


Silicone breasted female Santa

Hold globe in perverse pose.

Seeing such vulgar overdose

Wonder what children

Of today

Would grow into-

What, with what memories

Not far from

Hoardings, advertisement-

Vamps and villainies

Rapist, killers

Prostitute glares.

All open doors of

Pseudo idealisms



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hhickson's picture

All for the mighty bucks. Catch the attention, coax from the straight and narrow. Make them forget what the true meaning of the season is.

Happy Holidays and God Bless.