Priorities Set

Be Not Careless

Do not kill the rat

Do not kill the cat

Do not kill the crow

Let them grow.

Snakes’ dragons

In the house

Do not douse.

The frog export;

Let the rain fall

Stupid dykes stall.

Co-ordinate global

Not crazy cash pull.

Medicine, science


From our past

Evolutions learn it.

Cycle of life respect

Live let live.

No strings pull.

Nor be fear full.

No, never be

Puppet in the hand

Lobby that stand

Bring all down.

No bombs, suicides

No more terrorise

No death threats-

We ought to criticise.

Happy, treaties sign

No landmines

Read mind. Save lives.

Wish peace and prosperity!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Of my thoughts come dreams! Can only hope they are not pipe dreams.

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Jayati for World President! ;o)