Cats Go Partying

Social Interaction

Perspiring jealousy pathetic fallacy;

Kitten party

Storm in a teacup, brew.

Good? Cats’ mew

Cooking conspiracy, malice, 'malarkey' grew...

Rhythmic Deja vu.

Cheesecake mammoth denigrate, delude, unable smirk;

viciously blue.

This one was Mrs Buck who knew how to muck

Quality other's with her snide and digs dressed in muddy

misbegotten bricks;

That one was Mrs Chaste Chastenji with deliberate disparage

Disproportionate display of hue.

Dancing through orifice, oscillated odour oregano on hungry osprey

for a fish-catch flew.

Rich major-domo, pretend humble midget, eyeing paper Euro digit

lend voice, to the cats music 'queue sera'

While the unhurt solitary woman, midst feline members

with her strength blew.

However, the end was a good inspiration to write lines; a few. 'Phew!'

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gentle's picture

This is such a delightful play on words, especially to a cat lover.

Amy Riberdy

Gentle is the night♥