Social Interaction

I am white a blank page

Dark am I, the liquid ink.

Thus, only can history, be written.

Without a blank page and the ink to write on it

there would be no meaning to begin and to end with.

If white is shallow sure black is hollow

One is width the other, depth.

The twilight zone, in between them, both

Share, pure facts not mere myths.

Black, white, dark and light

Rest and awake, sleep, activate.

Daily turntables;

Our very own efforts --


Loud, planet earth.

Toast, spiritual cups

make real sense

Life’s essence --


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Knowledge is our King plus Queen 2 in 1 ice cream that melt into our mouth, we children always wanting for more and more. A good sign to erase our apartheid.

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Ernest Bevans's picture

Black and White
Ying and Yang
Day and Night
the two just cannot exist without the other.

In addition to the subject, I admired the
typographical topography of a word map
resembling the dark continent. Brilliant.

hhickson's picture

Amen. Hate is because of fear of the unknown or someone different. When you get to know a people, you find we all have the same dreams: Live in peace, make a good life for our children, to be held by our lover. Not much to ask.

Hugs and Peace.