Social Interaction

Toss in bed rub forehead

Lay on stomach, does not help.

Wipe off scenes, seen on screen

Woman curator's

demolished dreams

Profuse tears


Yokels ransacks.

Memories rush; heart miss beat

Tibet mayhem, heritage defeat.

Sandalwood burn strewn all around  

despairs, desolate

Mother alone


Child separation.



Cure emphysema

From the lungs

Of Our Civilisation. Void.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Loss due to ignorant vandalism. Cause hopeless gaps, void to knowledge of the past. Hinder future developement. Knowing that this could have been easily avoided a stabbing pain, emptiness pierce through the heart.

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dhoomedprincess's picture

I liked this poem because, It brings out everyone's true inside and I appreciate this. It bring's out their soul as well as everything else they disire, I also can tell that the way you wrote it was the opposite of everthing else I see. Nothing can stop you now, You can get through this by yourself. That's how I fell in love with poetry, I also know you can do anything you put your mind into, You've done it to your Poetry as well as everyone else.That's how I know you truely love to do this and so do I.

Lauren B's picture

All I can say is WOW! You are an AWESOME writer!!!