Social Interaction

Give me lotus

Fly the pigeons

Hoist white flags


Friends out of foes

Bury their hatchets

Treaty Elysee


Germany and France

Anniversary ties

Celebrate across

Forty years

Frown the cynics

Green eyed

Utter unkind



Not to forget, dear anxious

'Old is Gold'

"Peace Courageous'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As France and Germany remembered their truce day the American defense minister's voice sounded like a Walt Disney character.

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Robert Wilson's picture

Very good, Gup. How about "Old is mold, peace is grease (for a mechanic)". Hahahahahaha! --Rab

hhickson's picture

The French are a strange people. They are like the chaff of the wheat, they go whichever way the wind blows. Good poem. It is the Lion laying down with the lamb and making nice. They will be happy until the Lion becomes hungry then it will be like the cartoon "Tweety Bird and Sylvester"

Hugs and peace.