why does the clock have to do that?

Gently laying on the clouds
Slowly, softly falling in
Comfort zone well beyond measure
Place my head against your shoulder
Lead me to your dreams of wonder

Gazing lovingly through the dark
Who knew at this stage
There would still be a spark?
I place my hand above your heart
Forever the lifeline that let it all start

The laughter before this journey
Deeper into love began
Had it quickening faster and faster
Just as the ocean waves pass over the sand
It slows as you arrive there first
Calming my senses as the sparks burst

There is no need to worry
That I am still not there
Your hand is caressingly lost in my hair
A slight pause ensues
In this sudden shift
We are no longer a pair
My breathing magically becomes one with yours
The rise and fall of our bodies, however,
Is not magic at all
Our lifeline’s have been combined

Sounds of reality suddenly phase me
Your body shifts ever so slightly
Then settles into the clouds again
And takes me away from reality
To where it all began

No star-crossed lovers in this storybook tale
Her story of him began with a fail
His story of her began with many derails

Without those moments
This story would cease to exist
They knew because the stars connected
The first moment they kissed

I’m falling
Yes I’m falling
Into the depths
Of white cotton bliss
I’m with you
You’re with me
This has to be heaven
What more do we need?

Although the sudden thunder escapes
Laying on the clouds with you
Has further opened the gates
Legs and arms
Fingers and toes
The further this journey goes

No reason for more
What is mine will always be yours
There is plenty of time
To enter that door

With the stroke of 12
Reality strikes
Awake I do
With sudden fright
And now we lay still
Silently debating
But my horse drawn carriage
Will turn back to a pumpkin
If we keep it waiting

As long as we live
This first will be ours
Even if the image is just in our heads

So when I leave tonight
And you return alone
Embrace the sheets
Take in the scent of feminine cologne

And always remember
Whenever you feel pain
That up in the clouds
We’ll always remain.

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Simply brilliant!
I'd put on here my favorite lines,
but that would involve copying,
and pasting the whole poem.

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Aw, thank you :3

Aw, thank you :3

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I enjoyed this. It reminded

I enjoyed this. It reminded me of a poem I wrote not too long ago. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks, which one does it

Thanks, which one does it remind you of? I'd like to read it :)

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I think I called it cloudy

I think I called it cloudy love

Copyright © morningglory