I Never Have All of You

When will it stop?
When will the anger, destruction, frustration disperse?
Why does the jealousy keep getting worse?
It’s not right to feel so many emotions at once
The tears fall as I write these words
My heart cracks, but not enough to break
Love is strong
Love is trust
The best thing that happened to me is you
But no matter what I do
I never have all of you

I’m not just fighting with them
I’m fighting with me
These feelings are bottled up
Longing to be set free
We’re together, but we’re not
When I’m with them, our minds are apart
No one is connecting except for me and you
Yet still
I never have all of you

The moments we spend
Should not have to end
But because of them they do
One day maybe I’ll say ‘I do’
But right now how can I?
I can’t even move in with you
When will we ever have that day?
Why can’t the pain go away?
It’s impossible for the love we have
To ever decay
Even so
I never have all of you

I have my life and you have yours
But I need reassurance more than I thought
Just thinking of how much I need
Makes me distraught
I don’t want to be that girl
The one that causes your toes to curl
I can’t deny that I feel like her
It’s not attractive that’s for sure
I just want to know when you’re thinking of me
That I’m not the only one getting emotional
We both are going to be inspirational
But for each other we need to be motivational
This will get better and better as the days go on
For now I just have to make-do
With the fact that
I never have all of you.

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I can relate to this..

I can relate to this..

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I wrote this at the beginning

I wrote this at the beginning of this year when my parents were trying to adjust to me being in a serious relationship for the first time. It's still tough even though I've been with him a little over a year.