"The way it works"

              I feel an emptiness that I can not

            explain,Not that I feel sad or in pain.

           Just asking myself "what are you going to do



             But not asking yourself what you are going to

            do next is pretty dangerous don't you think,you

             will never expect. Expect the unexpected right?

           or unexpect the expected.



             Sometimes we feel empty because we

            just don't know what to do next and

           that is scary because we can get off on

           the wrong path and you won't know or

           you would know how to get off that path before

           it's too late!

          People ask if you are ok and the answer

          is always yes right?!

          Then why are you still saying you feel

          an emptiness?



         YOU'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO!:)  

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Jason Daffron's picture

hey! i like this. my favorite part is "Expect the unexpected right? or unexpect the expected." thats an awesome line and it really provokes alot of thought. good job on this! ~Jason