I feel a hunger

Crying out

I feel a hunger deep inside my soul

to touch your hands and let you take control

your face I desire to see,

your touch I long to feel,

to hear your voice so deep within

I try to reach to take a step,

fear takes hold and it seems to dark,

I feel a hunger deep inside my soul

I want to hear your voice within

I want the darkness to fold away,

I want this step to be the last,

I need your touch to not surpass,

I hold onto your words today

what I read I let sink in

but then the world trys to end my deepest desire

the one that I long to hold onto

your voice deep within,

I long for the day you do return

to take me home way up in heaven

to worship you in endless days,

to shower you in praise and song,

never let me go I pray,

make me strong my Lord today.

Written By:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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Amber Song's picture

Very nice. This is warm & reminds me that Jesus wants to hold me. Thank you...from a recent widow.....Love, Amber