His Love

Memories of you stay in my thoughts,

Seeing time past,keeps my mind in a struggle,

I new you loved me as I grew up in your care,

I use to wonder why you kept teaching and reaching out to me.

I gave you nothing but sorrow,

You gave me a new tomorrow.

I remember the works of your hand in my life,

I see a long trail of messes I have made,

but you left them there in the darkness and brought me light.

You say everything will be alright,

time is precious and you gave me so much,

I see the things you gave and the love you show,

as I walk through my daily life,

you always ease my strife.

I sometimes wonder what I have done to deserve the things you do,

But then I look directly at you,

Its your love for me that matters,

the change you have made inside my heart,

The desires you have given me,

I never new such desires were inside me,

until you started weaving my heart and showing me

you will never part,

I thank you now Lord,

for your hand in mine,

helping me to live a life full of love and light.

Some pain still comes and goes,

but only with you can I take a hold,

of the prize you have for me when I go home

to my place you have prepared.

Keep me inside your arms now,

then I know I won't go far,

you will lead me to the farthest star.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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