Beautiful day


Oh,how  beautiful the day you  gave to me

a new and bright glorious day,

your mercy is new and your love is fresh

Lord,I desire your ways and  your rest,

to see your hand touch my life

is great and peaceful and keeps me right

I stand  and look inside my soul

the way you make things unfold

the little things Lord,they make me new

the touch of the wind,gives me life from  you.

the flowers and  there fragrance are lifting me up

I love you Lord,your precious to me,

even though I fail and wander,

you take me in and make me humble

your  ways are glorious why can't the world see,

the light you  give inside me,

take my hand Lord,help me be

the woman you made when you set me free.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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And when the wind blows across
my face i can feel your presence
i know i am in your grace...and when i stumble
and fall you will be there to forgive all so take
my hand and walk with me,hold me near and showme the way
and i will praise you every day