Pushed Aside!

Crying out

Pushed aside by others so long

wondering why life is hard

Jesus says to love thy neighbor

but it seems nobody listens and just wavers.

The woman at the well,He didn't ecnor

What He did was fully restore

we need to love and be loved to

all I wanted was help from you.

isn't it great that Jesus is here

and doesn't take us the way we deserve

His love shows us what we need to do

and its all up to me and you.

Being pushed aside was my life by others

until Jesus spoke and said I'm not like most

I will guide and direct and love no matter what

take my hand and lets walk together

I'll help you see I'm not like bad weather.

So when others push me and band me from their lives

Jesus is my refuge and in Him will I stride.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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Alf's picture

Hi Betty, this is a really lovely poem and full of sentiment and feeling. I guess if we are called to be like Jesus, we have to experience His feelings and emotions, one of which was to be misunderstood and 'pushed aside' by many. Your poem has blessed me today. Thanks for sharing it. Love Alf x