His Love

Lord,today I need to have a sense of Your presence

I need to know Your here with me.

I have failed You so much in my life

I can't seem to lose all this strife.

I am tired of running the race I seem not to win

but in the end with You I know the victory is already won.

Its the sin in this world that leaves us blind

why can't we see the way it is.

Only Your touch leaves me longing for Your embrace

I feel like a failure in time of trial,

why is it hard Lord to get out of this denial?

I know Your there,I see it in the sky

I see it in the flowers growing wild with Your touch.

The birds sing to me on spring mornings like a call from my Lord

I see it in the river right down the road,

I love to smell the Lilac that You have made me to hold.

I want You to know Lord,even with the lack of faith

the doubt inside please remove,but I know I love you

when I read Your word,its this world thats aweful

so much pain I see and hear,keep me safe Lord,

safe from the evil one,in my mind help me to know You are near.

While I sleep tonight,place a faith inside so wide that mountains move

and Your light shines throuh,I love you Lord,keep me strong

the whole night through.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are ©copyright

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Afzal Shauq's picture

love your subjects of poems..this is heart feeling one... hope my poetry also touchs your heart...the sweet one