My Soul Mate and I

His smile when we met,set my heart in desperate need of His touch.

He is my soul mate,the one that God sent to me,while I waited patiently.

His careful concern for all He loves,makes me keep Him in my thoughts,

with Him by my side,we wonder and dream of our Love side by side,through the years how we have made it together.

There has been trials and tests,but I'm saying He's the best in my eyes.

I thank My Lord for His Love,that rests in my heart and soul.

When He holds me and says how much He loves me,my soul mate sets

my thoughts a fire,with His arms so strong around my waist,

its not time I long for,its His touch that keeps me alive,

in His arms that make me secure I am sure His Love is pure.

Seeking our Lord together,

We can get through any kind of weather.

We can over come any kind of storm,because in us we are one,

with the Son,God sent to us and all,

for our Love grows and He always

keeps us together,light as a feather we fall toward Him and He keeps us longing and belonging to Him,

the natural spring that gives eternal life,Jesus our King.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Dedicated to my Husband:Randy

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Angela Casados's picture

This is simply beautiful... What a wonderful description of love!!! We have to really work on keeping our marriages this full of love, completely fulfilling and exciting!! Love you sis, Angela(momofteens)