Pretty in everyway

The little daisy is so beautiful in every way

the petals and the stem,wow it just doesn't end

Gods love pouring down on us,

What a King to provide for us with such divine grace,

How He holds us in His awesome embrace.

He builds the petals,one by one

The daisy so bright,and light

wonderful to view,its colors

its form,so warm with His touch

Oh how I love Him,so much.

The daisy,He puts to sleep in the fall

He wakes it up in the spring

He lets it sore all year

To keep our Eyes on His wonderful

colors all year through

The snow,the rain,the grass,and more

We adore you Lord,with all our hearts we

love Your ways,we are praising You in

all our days.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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Marilyn's picture

A work of art by an angel! You can feel the words touch your heart!
Just beautiful!