Longing For His Love

Longing For His Love

Written by:Betty Bolden©


Longing for his love Lord

Is hard when I'm pushed aside

Each day I'm battered inside

Confused alot

Not knowing his thoughts that

wander so much.

I do love him alot Lord

But he seems to love me only on his time.

Why does love hurt at times.

The words we throw

will somehow remain

The looks we give

When things seem to fade.

I hunger for affection

But somehow it always seems like


Am I strange or wrong in some way

I know I love him

but some days we just can't win.

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Angela Casados's picture

Dear Sister,
You are not alone!! Many of us as wives struggle with this... I feel that many times are husbands are under so much pressure to provide, lead and "Be the MAN", that they sometimes don't even notice they are leaving their wives uncared for, unfortunately. I find that my husband is only listening to my needs as of lately, this after 18 yrs. of being together... I find it is especially tough if one or both partners are not pursuing the Lord!!
Don't stop trying to reach him and keep praying... I know our marriages are under attack as well, we WILL overcome these attacks because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH THE LORD!!I love you, my sister!! Your sis in Christ, Angela(momofteens)