I surrendered

Just my Heart

As the night drug on,I felt my heart beating faster,

I was afraid and alone,but to know now you we're there

all along holding my hand,wiping my tears and taking my fears.

My life was full of pain,darkness and tears,

until the day I surrendered my life to you.

I fell to my knee's and said,I can't do this alone.

My Marriage was a mess,and the beer was full of my tears.

He always said he loved me,but others met more at the time,

the people and the beer we're invading my life.

Until the day I surrendered to you my Lord,

You now take control of my life.

I sometimes still get afraid,but now

You are the one who lifts me high,and says

surrender,I am with you always,even to

the end of the world.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

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