Hear me!


Listen Lord,hear my prayer,

Help me to know that Your really there,

Teach me love,that comes from above,

keep the shadows behind me now,

help me to know that I am found.

Hear me Lord,show me how

to run this race in this big crowd,

Days go by ,fast and slow

but how do I know where to go?

Hear me Lord,help me to go slow

to win this race

that started long ago.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are ©copyright!

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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written with so much intense admiration and love for the LORD.If we all had these feelings and beliefs about the LORD and his teaching, thiw world would be such a more beautiful and happier place to live. Very inspiring Betty. Thank you for writing-thank you for sharing. Please take care.

Dave Richardson