Never turn away

He will never turn away,His Love is here to stay.

I think of Him alot,He keeps me in one spot,His Love is what I want,

never to leave me, He will never turn away.

How often do I feel,very over whelmed in this world,Him in my thoughts,

keeps me running the race,to one day feel His embrace.

He will never turn away,even when I think others might stay,He will

never turn away.His Love endures forever,He will never turn away.

The beauty of His touch,keeps me longing for Him so much,

thinking of His ways,how He healed and loved,and how His

words spread in and through me,makes me want to jump for Joy.

I think of one day,we'll meet in the sky,and then I can say,thank you

Lord,for you never turned me away.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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