I just want to snort that first bump, I want to pour that first glass

Pop that pill so I don't feel, these demons on my ass

Taste the drip, feel the burn

Make the cut, pass it around and take my turn


Slice a piece of my own skin

Snort it, smoke it, injest it in

Take the pain and make it go away, just make it go

But then I hear my soft scream yell "No!"


Fuck the demons one and all

I'll prove them wrong because they expect my fall

They tear at me and cut me down

So I will take their high and mighty crown and bash it in the fucking ground


Their words may push me to the brink

But I will not find solace in that drink

I pray for healing and let my tears flow

I will stay strong and wait for my God to show


He will erase my sins and remove my stains

He will free me and break my chains

He will wash away my past with the rain

He will silence my pain,he will silence your pain

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More than one way to cut

More than one way to cut yourself.  Some people do it on the insides instead of under sleeves.  Nice read.  Thanks.


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It is weird how the media

It is weird how the media twists anyone who does do "drugs" as hobo, meth addict, theiving scum, when sometimes it is the silence of our mind, the need of acceptance, the constant not fitting in that makes them appealing (back in the day for me). Anything that is not "the norm" or brainwashed tv junkies. Everyone has an addiction... some of them are labelled, some of them not. Whether it be weed, coke, food, alcohol, sex, spending, taking. Interesting read, got my mind stirring.