Untied Shoe Laces

"...and may you always protect us

and give us the strength we need

to make it through another day

and to live out your creed."

And in Jesus' name we pray,"

Hearing that let me know when

the prayer was over

so, together, we both said, "Amen"

You softly whispered, "I love you

and I don't want to hear a single peep."

as you kissed me on my forehead.

"Now be good and get some sleep."

I replied, "I promise I will"

as I said every night before.

Then I watched as you got up

and made your way to the door.

"No! Daddy! Wait!"

You were so quick to react.

"Sorry honey," you said

as you left the door cracked.

A soft light spilled in,

washing away fear and dread.

The fright of the dark

no longer surrounded my bed.

Still, I couldn't sleep.

Nor did I wish to do so

because in the morning

it would be time for me to go.

I never wanted to leave you

and I know you feel the same.

Neither of us wanted to depart;

I never held you to blame.

Even so, I couldn't help

but to sometimes feel bleek.

Why couldn't we be together

more than two days a week?

Mom is always happier on Friday.

It's written all over her face.

See? All 3 of us want this.

We all want me in this place.

And don't forget Ronnie, too.

He says that it's healthy

that I spend time with you

even though you're not as wealthy.

But, Daddy, I don't care

how much money you make.

I love you because you don't yell

when I don't mean to make a mistake.

You don't say I'm too loud

whenever I want to sing.

You wouldn't get mad when I can't

tie my own shoe string.

Don't worry though daddy,

Mom and Ronnie are great.

But still, all week long,

I can do nothing but wait,

Wait for the weekend to come.

The only time I'm truly alive

is when I have my stuff packed

and we begin our ritual drive.

So, don't send me home.

Let me stay here with you.

This is where I should live.

We could start over anew.

But I'm sure you're sleepy

just like I am... it's true.

So, I guess now I will say

goodnight and I love you too.

- September 1 / 2009

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