With You

(Dedicated to Robin L. Kittles)

I fell in love with someone
who was least expected
someone mistreated
someone ignored, neglected
     We weren't searching
     for someone to be the one
     We were just hanging out
     Just having fun
But as it all turned out
it was a simple countdown
before our deepest of feelings
were to be alive and found
     I fell in love with someone
     who, after a while
     wasn't afraid to go
     the extra mile
to show that
I am special to her
and she'd always be there
no matter what is to occur
     She accecpted me for me
     and was never fast
     to judge who I was
     based upon my past
I fell in love with someone
so honest, so perfect, so true
and I want the whole world to know
that I fell in love... with you.

         - January 17 / 2006

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Mollie Mcafee's picture

This is beautiful irony. I know what its like to fall in love with the person that was least likely to catch your eye and fall madly into them, surpassing all love that came before them.