Beginings and Ends

If only I could give you my eyes

so that maybe you could see

so that you can finally realize

It's not at all you, it's me

You're a dream come true

and you're so much more

I just wish you knew

what this is really for

I can't do this any longer

I have feeling I can't hide

They keep growing stronger

and they tear me up inside

I really want to be with you

it's just that my heart won't let me

There's nothing that I can do

except hope you don't forget me

Please don't get me wrong

I wasn't telling you lies

With you is where I belong

but my heart says otherwise

I wish I could just pretend

that what I feel wasn't there

I wish the thoughts would end

and that I didn't always care

But that's not quite the case

It's a hard pill to swallow

My heart is giving chase

and all I can do is follow

I have to give it a shot

and though I have my doubts

I'll give it all that I got

just to be able to find out

if what I feel is true

or is it that I'm blind

If it's worth the pursue

or am I outta my mind

Until I know I will not rest

Despite having no chance in hell

this just may be for the best

but now only time will tell

                         - February 16 / 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written for those who know what it feels like to be torn between two people. This poem isn't dedicated to anyone, but it was written with a particular person in mind.

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Sydney's picture

I'm wondering...with all the stuff we talked about last night...if I should start feeling that way. Thats amazing.

Sexy Slut's picture

Wow that was really deep and meaningful. Keep it up u could become a proffessional writer