When There's Nothing Left to Say

When I say my final words
When I no longer have a breath to take
When I no longer exist
When I don't have another move to make...

When I'm gone from this place
Never to return again
When I venture to a place
I had never before been...

When I cease to talk
When there's nothing left to say
When my time finally comes
When I can no longer live another day...

This is the time when I need you to understand
that you never knew everything about me
because I kept hidden deep inside
for no one to ever see

I want you to know that it's not your fault
It was I that kept you from me
I just knew you wouldn't understand
everything that I just happened to be

Now my time is up
and I have left you with alot of mystery
You may not know the real me
but you'll always have our history

After I die, that's the part of me
I want you to keep in mind
The answers to who I really am
are answers you will not find

So don't even bother
You're a little too late
I chose to hide myself from everyone
I chose this as my fate

Remember the me I chose to show
Forget the parts you didn't know
Those parts will be forgotten in Heaven
Those parts are what make 457

                      - May 18 / 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All my close friends know that 457 is my favorite number, but none know why. 457 is also the only tattoo that I have.

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significance_of_2's picture

this piece sizzles with a truth that few of us acknowledge as a fact of truth and more take forgranted never pondering its depth until after we have crossed over... wow uncomparable, the mystery of who we be individually....KUDOS!

Stacey aka janae catt

Purrrty verbiage is a servant