Eye to Eye

6:12 pm

The phone rang three times

before she answered and said, "Hey"

I asked how she was doing

and how was her day

She said, "Right now I'm doing good

but I know it's not going to remain

Something important came up

and I can't go out", she complained

-"But I thought we were having dinner together

I even got us reservations tonight"

"I'm really sorry about that baby

I promise I'll make it up alright

Listen, you can still have fun

Go to dinner with a friend

and don't worry about me sweetie

We can always go out next weekend."

She told me that she loved me

and she'd talk to me later that night

Then I began to think abotu it

Go out with a friend? I just might...


"Hello, this is Drew"..."Sup"

"What's up man? How's it going?"

"Good but listen, wanna grab a bite to eat

and see what movies are showing?"

"Sure man, not a problem

but first I gotta get a shower

How 'bout we got to Olive Garden?

I'll meet you there in an hour"


I look at my watch again

He's late as always, it's 7:42

I look up as he walks in

"You're late. I was gonna start without you"

"Sorry about that man

Traffic was so hard to beat

but anyway, who cares?

I'm starving now let's eat"


After we ordered, he asked,

"So, what'd you get for Kate's birthday?"

"Well Drew, it's a secret

but I will let you know I got it yesterday"

"C'mon man! It's me, don't worry

You can say and I won't tell"

"Okay, it's a diamond tennis braclet

and it was expensive as hell!"

"It's kinda hard to believe

THREE YEARS you've been with Kate"

"What can I possibly say?

She's my true soul mate."


We paid and then we left

because the movie was about to begin

Even though it'd be our second time

we were seeing "The Grudge" again


Drew and I got to the theatre

and made our way to the line

It was longer than we thought it'd be

but Drew obviously didn't mind

He was busy hitting on this girl

by trying to be cute and funny

I paid him no attention

as I began to pull out my money

but I couldn't help but to laugh

until something had caught my eye

Coming out of the theatre

Is that Kate with some other guy?!

The couple stopped outside the door

and I could tell they were holding hands

then I realized Kate never told me

what were her last minute plans

No way it could be her

Kate would never do something like this

I continued to stare at them

as the girl smiled and gave him a kiss

Instantly, my hairs were on end

and then my temperature doubled

I knew I had to calm down

If not, I'd be in serious trouble

but I couldn't help it

As much as I wanted to leave

I just stood there staring

finding it harder and harder to breathe

It felt like my heart was being choked

as beats exploded in my chest

I wanted to control my temper

I had to try my very best

What else could I do?

I wanted to KILL! I wanted to CRY!

I wanted to FIGHT! I wanted to DIE!

I wanted to RUN! I wanted to to TRY

to believe I was WRONG! Let this be a LIE!

But I knew it really was Kate

when we finally met EYE TO EYE!

                        - January 4 / 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was originally started in either 2001 or 2002. This is NOT a true story

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Sasha Carter's picture

Even though it's not a true story it was beautifully told. Fully displayed all emotions and had a rhythm that I could follow and even bounce to. Great job.