Eurydice's Daughter

(Dedicated to Lacey Mosley, lead singer of FlyLeaf)

I'm trying hard to think

if I can put into words

how I feel right now

after hearing what I heard

     Tonight you sang to me

     like no one has before

     I was so blown away

     and so hungry for more

It took nothing at all

You had me from the start

as you parted your lips

and sang from you heart

     Every word of every line

     carried so much emotion

     showing your love, you hate

     your ambition and devotion

I watched your memories and dreams

and I could feel every single scar

As you sang, I saw everything

that makes you who you are

     Your fears, struggles, and grief

     Your trust, faith, and choice

     All this and more, at once

     bled out through your voice

It's such a precious gift

for you to sing the way you do

It's like nothing I've heard before

It's so pure, honest, and true

     Sing again to me who you are inside

     Sing me your pains and sorrow

     Sing all that you have to give

     Sing like there's no tomorrow

I pray for one more song

because it's such a beautiful thing

to witness everything you express

every time you choose to sing

     I know now I'm lucky and privaleged

     to have seen this amazing sight

     because never have I seen a person's soul

     not until you, sang to me tonight

                 - December 21/2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was inspired to write this after I saw Lacey perform on stage with her band, Flyleaf. They opened for Breaking Benjamin in Dec '04

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KR's picture

That was an amazing poem. You are very gifted to be able to write that way. I'm lucky to know you :)


jerry_joseph_huggins's picture

I received an email from Lacey after I sent this poem to the bands e-mail address. This is what she replied,

"Wow, that was so beautiful. I am in tears. You are blessed to be able explain your heart so well. Its a gift you should always use to touch people's souls like you did mine."