One Month

Even though it's only been a month,
it's our anniversary still.
So, I decided to write you this poem
to let you know how I feel.
Asking a girl out,
was to me, something new
So I wanted to make the question
be as beautiful as you.
I rehearsed again and again
and day after day
to find the most perfect words
for me to say
I was so happy when you said, "Yes"
after the question finally came out.
Now, I can honestly say
this has been the best month of my life without a doubt.
I awake every morning
with a brighter sunshine
knowing that I have someone
who shares thier happiness with mine
Since you entered my life
everything is so wonderful and clear
The good comes out in everything
and all the bad disappear
And even though we haven't been together long
I know the way I feel cannot be wrong
And I believe that you and I, just belong.

                    - November / 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kevin Houston asked me to write this poem for him to give to his ex-girlfriend Brittany Garber for thier one month anniversary. Now Kevin is married to Amber Carpenter. To learn about Amber (which you WILL want to do) read "Sins of a Quiet Church Girl"

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