The Girl That Could

(Dedicated to Olyvia Cason)

I was afraid to let people know me
to know the real me deep inside
so I was never completely honest
Instead, I always lied
I couldn't be totally honest with them
because it would summon my biggest fear
of opening up to them
and revealing to them something dear
only for them to turn around
and tell me that they don't care
and when I fell in love with them
they would no longer be there
They'd steal my trust and love
and run far away
and alone in my depression
is where I'd be forced to stay
To trust someone with my heart
only to have them disappear
This is what terrified me the most
This was my biggest fear
but you alone Olyvia
put an end to the dreadful curse
And of all the people I know,
I chose you to open up to first
You did what no one could
and what I thought no one else would
You put the real me and my lies apart
an dyou won my love as well as my heart

             - January 29 / 2001

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