A soft glow from the moon

passes through the willow trees

and leaves dance across the street

from the never-ending August breeze

"It's a beautiful Saturday night,"

Karen thought as she climbed into her car

"I think I'll drive around a little bit,

I probably won't even go that far."

Karen couldn't sleep with the anticipation

of leaving her hometown the next day

to go off to begin college

in a place far, far away

"It's a crazy Saturday night!"

Is what Drew thought as he climed into his car

"I don't think I'll miss much of this party

Besides, the liquor store isn't that far."

Drew was the type that loved to drink

Realizing when to stop, was to him, a chore

He'd already thrown up twice,

but he figured that he still needed more

Karen had pushed herself so hard

to be able to fulfill her dream

of one day graduating form college

At first, impossible it would seem

High school had countless hours of study

with homework night after night

with endless hopes and prayers

Karen had finally won her fight

She was at the top of her class

And after four years of cutting herself no slack

she graduated with honors and a 4.0

There was no holding her back

"A party isn't a party unless you're wasted

waking up in the morning without a clue

of how you got to where you are

or who the person is in bed lying next to you"

This, to Drew, is having a good time

Nothing else in the world could compare

and soon he'd be back at the party

with more than enough beer for his buddies to share

He buried the gas and grips the wheel

Drew is now pushing ninety miles an hour

screeching tires around every turn

trying to stay on the road with all his power

Now, she was driving the road, her last night home

to say good-bye to her hometown, since 3 years old

She continues to drive around for another hour

while thinking of what the future may hold

Karen imagines the new people she will meet

and she thinks of the places she will go

She always dreamed of what college would be like

and tomorrow she will finally know

After a while, tears began to glide down her face

as she thought of everyone and everything she's miss

Her friends, her family, church, and school

and especially her boyfriend's sweet kiss

Karen wiped away her tears,

but her emotions still over flowed

Stressed out, she decides to go back home

by taking a shortcut down RIVERSIDE RD

She drove to the light of RIVERSIDE and KENDAL

and Karen stopped because it was red

after a minute, she checked the time

2:47 is what her clock said

Red line, clutch, shift to fifth

release, hit the gas, and continue with your ride

A hundred and twenty down KENDAL ROAD

approaching the light where it meets RIVERSIDE

Drew looks down to turn on the radio

so drunk, he hits the button that say CLOCK

2:47 flashes the screen

a few tries later and he's listening to rock

Just then the light turned green and she started to go

Karen had a strange feeling, but didn't know why

and in the middle of the interection, she looked left

because something had caught her eye...

His eyes go back to the road

and he sees a car pulling out from the right

somewhere around forty yards ahead

He looks up high and sees a shining red light

One hundred and twenty miles an hour

A bright red light up top

His heart froze and he couldn't breathe

He knew there was no way to stop.

                         - November 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alternate endings to come soon...

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This piece is amazing, great job dude