Dear Candace

(For Candace Abbitt)

You told me as a girl

and as a best friend

"Don't try to hard

if you want this pain to end."

You're the only one who understood

and you're the only one who cared.

You're the only one who helped me

and the only one my problems were shared

You knew that when I liked a girl

I'd persue with all my heart

And you knew that in the end

I'd only be torn apart

You said, "Don't chase love,

let love chase you."

I've been really trying to follow those words,

but it's so hard to do.

Every time I meet a girl I like

your words suddenly appear,

but as I spend time with her,

your words gradually dissapear

I don't have to say a word to you

because you already know

that I got seriously hurt each time

and refused to let my pain show

And you already know

how I choose to hide

You know that I put on a smile

and bury my hurt deep inside

You've always been there to help

because you knew the real me

You know the hidden Jerry

that I refuse to let people see

but I'm getting better at this

though your words are hard to obey

and I'm writing you this poem

as a grateful friend to say

Thanks for being such a good friend

and helping me from the start

and thanks for the advice

that I cherish deep in my heart

                    - November 5 / 2001

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Rebecca's picture

You're still having a hard time following her advice. And I really wish you would. I hate to see you hurt, although you usually take it very well.