Tell Me I'm Wrong

(Dedicated to Jessica Cline)

A sense of Heaven consumes me,

as I lose myself in your eyes

The same feeling of Heaven

one feels during a romantic sunrise

     I pray you are the person

     that you seem to appear,

     but there is something inside,

     something that I fear

I fear the simple thought

that I don't mean as much to you

Nowhere near as much

as you say that I do

     I'm afraid that you think of me

     as just another guy

     One that doesn't matter

     I just don't know why

Perhaps, it's because

you're so laid back and leinient,

and you're only attracted to me

whenever it's convienent

     Whatever the reason,

     I feel like I'm being led,

     led into a heartbreak

     Led into a game with my head

Is that what you're planning?

The truth, I must find

For if this is so,

just forget it and nevermind

     I've had my fair share already

     I've been lied to enough

     I'm stronger than I used to be,

     and I'm a litte bit more tough

For now, I'll just sit and pray

that these allegations are wrong,

but if my fears turn out to be reality

I'm promise I won't be around for long....


                         - June 27 / 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know, I know. The first stanza is corny as all hell

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