Whispers of Rain

You are who you are,
but your chance to turn it around
really isn't all that far
Save yourself before you drown

Just let yourself go
Release, refuse, and refrain
You are your own foe
Defy yourself, escape everything mundane

Fight yourself back
Resist the temptation of distress
Retaliate and attack
Embrace your chance to transgress

Self-inprisonment is an imitation
You are who you create
You are your own salvation
You pave your own road of fate

You have the ablility to break free
of your own restraints
Your world forever will always be
the picture that you paint

                    - May 12 / 2004

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Rebecca's picture

I think I'm going to print this one out and read it on a daily basis, just as a reminder to myself, that everything that I've done, and will do, was my choice.

Sasha Carter's picture

Damn...that just put my whole life in a new perspective...thanx.

Rebecca Sherman's picture

What inspired this poem? Was it you or someone else?

Connie Denise's picture

Joseph you always make me comment on your poems and this time all i am saying is that it is interesting......that can mean good or bad... love ya bunches.

Serenity Starr