Sins of a Quiet Church Girl

(This is a TRUE STORY. NOTHING has been exagerated at all.)


How can I put this
so that you understand?
None of this was supposed to happen
None of this was planned

It was just an innoncent call
to a number I didn't know
I was so utterly bored
and then you said, "Hello?"

With one random phone number
perfect strangers became more
With one random phone number
You were no longer Amber anymore

We grew from strangers to friends
from friends to something other
From a master and his slave
to a wife and a mother

It started as innoncent sex
born of animalistic desire
Time slipped pasted us
and the stakes rose higher

You told me that you wished
to be my personal sex slave
Amber, you wanted to be controlled
and told exactly how to behave

I fulfilled your fantasy
and I became your master
And so began the countdown
5 months until disaster

One night right after sex
I introduced you to Kevin
It was starting to get late
I believe it was around eleven

I told you to fuck him
right there at the lake
Was that the begining
of a terrible mistake?

You wouldn't do it all
not unless I ordered you
And just to please me
there's no limit to what you'd do

You had met Kevin
just a few MINUTES before
Now you're both naked
fucking on the dock by the shore

You were Kevin's first
For you, he was number nineteen
One day led to the next
soon sex with him became routine

It was just innoncent sex
No reason at all to be stressed
Not until you called me
and told me of the pregnancy test

Never did I mean
for you to have a child
We were all so young
so carefree and wild

Amber, you had no clue
To who the father might be
Was it Jevin? Was it Kevin?
Or maybe perhaps it was me...

Seven months after that
you gave birth to Cole
Your very own son
with his very own soul

The DNA test convicted Kevin
For him this was just preliminary
becuase it didn't take him long
before he was off to the military

Soon after that was the wedding
Which you didn't want me to attend
You banned me from coming
I was not allowed to stand beside my friend

But time has healed those problems
And supposedly, we're all alright
But to think that all this is because
of that random phone call that night

Who knew that just the way
that those numbers were arranged
would cause so much difference
and with it, so many lives changed?

You have Kevin as your husband
You have Cole as a beautiful child
You have purpose to your life
You're no longer young, carefree, and wild

You have so much to live for
and you're only eighteen
And come to think of it
You're happier than I've ever seen

Thinking back on it Amber,
There's one thing I've come to realize
I'm not exactly sure wether to say
you're welcome or to apologize

                     - May 11/ 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There isn't too much more that I can say about this poem. All that you read is all that happened. This poem really makes me think of my favorite saying. "...In the end, everything we do, is just everything we've done."

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K to the T fo sho's picture

Holy shit! I never knew that there were people in the world that are really like that. This girl Amber must be some character. I'd really love to know what is going on with her now. The last stanza is my favorite. It adds a whole dimension to the poem and puts it in an entirely new perspective. I can easily see why you put in with 'The Best of the Best'.

Ashley's picture

Hi Jerry you don't know me but I am also a fellow poet. I have read some of your poems on here and I am truly blow away! You have an amazing writing talent, I will be sure to read more of your poems. If you have any free time please read mine, I would love it if you made a comment or two.

Hillary H's picture

one word- amazing. hey my name is hillary. im also from the big peach (GA) and i love your work. its amazing- i wish i had your talent. thanks for sharing all this...its inspiring

Kalina Hunderlach's picture

WOW. This is a really good poem.

Jessica's picture

You have been a great friend and i have told you many times befor you have an amazing talent...keep up the great work!

K M's picture

this one's really good. Amazing story and of course, very well written...Keli

Amanda Jayne Pepin's picture

This is an excellent piece of work. The story in itself is enough to capture attention, but the style in which it is told is enough to keep it. Great job.