Do You See Me?

When you look into my smile,

do you honestly think it's real?

Or do you see it as a mask,

hiding scars that will never heal?

When you look at my shadow,

do you see a reflection of me,

Or do you see what I see?

The infinite imperfections of me?

When you look into my face,

can you honestly tell

if I'm and angel of Heaven

or a demon form Hell?

When you look into my face

and look into my eyes,

do you see a happy little boy

or a happy little disguise?

When you look into my smile

what do you see?

Do you see the pretend,

or perhaps the real me?

When you look at me,

do you see the lamb or lion?

Do you see me laughing,

or truthfully crying?

Have you ever seen a tear on my face?

Have you ever wondered why?

Is it because I'm always happy?

Or is it becuase I smile when I want to cry?

When you're hanging out with me

am I crazier than the rest?

Or do I really show you

that I'm hopelessly depressed?

When you're around me

do you think I'm honest and true?

Or do you see I'm acting

just to please you?

Admit what you really think

Say what you're afraid to say

You don't care how or what it takes

You wan to see me happy and no other way.

                    - February 23/ 2001

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Rebecca's picture

I almost want to say that people don't see it because you don't let them. But I know better. If I look hard enough, it's there. It's in your words, whether in a poem or a conversation. And, being the person that I am, I hurt when you hurt.