Of Water and Gas

In one hand I hold water
Sealed in a glass.
In the other is a can,
That's full with gas.
In my chest, lives a flame
And now I must choose.
Will it gain power,
Or power will it lose?
Do I pour on it gas
So the flame grows stronger?
Or do I drown it in water  
So the flame lives no longer?
Does the flame keep growing?
An out of control fire
Or does it burn out?
It's life has now expired
Of water and gas
Only one will prevail.
Will it be nothing but ashes,
Or fires from Hell?
Let's say for now
I choose gas to pour,
Both my love and my hate
Will grow more and more.
But if I choose water to add
Instead of the gas,
My hate would diminish
But my love wouldn't last.
It's all or nothing
And if you were in my shoes;
Of water and gas,
Which would you choose?

         -October 10/ 2001

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KR's picture

OOOOOOOOOOMG this is my absolute favorite poem. Every time I read it, it's like I'm reading it for the first time. You are amazing.

Rebecca Sherman's picture

I wouldn't choose water.